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Thus undergrad ends

Well I am done with all the classes of my undergraduate career officially. Well that was as of like 2PM.

I am so excited and amazed that I am finally done with 4 years of college!!

Graduation can't come any sooner!


Last finals ever! W00t!

I should mention that today is the first day of finals, the very last ones I will ever have to take in my college career.

Microbiology was early this morning at 8:30AM. And I know I passed, I am just praying that I can get at least a B in this class because then it would help bring my major GPA to a 3.0, which is one of goals for my college career.

I have a Environmental Geochemistry at 3:30PM, and I should be studying it right now. But compared to microbiology, I am not that worried for some reason. Which is odd since this is also an essential major class. Actually all the classes I am taking this semester are major courses.

However compared to the two finals today, Tropical Ecology and Environmental Science Seminar are totally easy in comparison since neither are cumulative and Envi. Sci Seminar is a joke and I plan to BS it since that is my last exam and my brain will be dead by then pretty much. And those two are not until Friday. So I get a nice few days to rest my brain, study, and oh, write that seminar paper, which he probably won't read.

Graduation is in two short weeks, and I can't wait.

May 8th, baby!!


OMG I loved the weather today. It was the perfect temperature (60s) that it reminded of a spring. And it was sunny.

It's too bad it's supposed to be January.


Although it is only almost noon today. In the last 36 hours or so I have hung out with friends, had a sweet goodbye with my boy which lasted the night, packed, cleaned the apartment, and left Fredericksburg officially for Winter Break.

You know I am glad to be on break. But it's said this shall be my last ever Winter Break. One year from now, I may possibly be holding a job somewhere in the world earning a living, and living somewhere by myself. It's sort of scary outlook. As of now, this break is going to be spent studying for GREs and possibly LSATs. And putting out cover letters, and resumes/CVs. And to balance all that and keep from staying at home, I am going to try and find some volunteer work with the less unfortunate. To help others for a month, I think is sometimes worth more than the money you could earn anywhere else.


Just to clarify. Not going to grad school immediately after graduation. I am going to go look for work either with a nonprofit or with a environmental law firm before deciding on law school. 'Cause law school is expensive, and I want to be certain it's what I want to do before spending gobs of money on the education

At the end of the road

*sigh* I am going to be so lazy tonight. Am not going to do anything academic whatsoever.

At 6:41PM I e-mailed my pollution prevention paper, which was my last final for the semester.

That paper took me 7 hours today, and I am glad it's done.

Almost there....

I have to finish this one last paper which is due to my prof through e-mail at 7PM. It's so hard to work on when you know you're almost near to the end



Today being Tuesday and 10:30 in the moring means I have so far finished two exams. Bio seminar test (that was Monday) and this morning starting at 830, fluvial geomorphology.

I found out later after that scary e-mail about GIS being due yesterday that the professor sent another e-mail saying the project is not due until tomorrow night. OH THANK GOD! Because seriously, I wouldn't have gotten to that project at all this weekend since I spent all of Saturday working on the fluvial paper until 3AM.

I still have Animal Behavior at 12, which is actually more important than fluvial geomorphology due to the fact that it is being counted towards my bio major and I am taking fluvial pass/fail, which was an excellent idea on my part. (Though it probably would have better if I had just dropped the class in the beginning, but whatever I got through it all. One sacrifice being the ending of my friendship with my roommate Margaret, which is another topic in itself)

So I am off to study animal behavior until 12 and then stress-relief at the gym. Sit at desk for a few hours reading my sources for the pollution paper from 4-7PM. And then maybe try and start the paper since I can't get into the cart lab until after 930 since there's an exam in there from 7-930. Or I guess I could try and do the GIS final which is due midnight tomorrow.

*sighs* Decisions, decisions. At least the hard stuff is almost all done.

Dec. 5th, 2009

I am so screwed over. Due to a mix-up with the exam schedule for my evening GIS class, the correct date for my GIS project due date is Monday. Me thinking it was Wednesday, which was a mistake, was like "Whoa, nice, don't have to worry about project until Tuesday night. But now I have to worry about the poster for Monday night, my seminar exam Monday morning and the fluvial and animal behavior tests on Tuesday all weekend.

And today is Saturday.

Can I just shoot myself here? I would rather not face this enormous mountain.


Nov. 30th, 2009

I am already counting the days until Winter Break and I have only had one class so far and that was a PE class.

For Winter Break, I have decided I want to do some volunteer work somewhere in the DC area since it's very unlikely I will be able to find such a job for such a short time that would be worth the time.

If you have any ideas, certainly let me know.


I posed this question on Facebook, but this LJ post is much longer.

So I know New Moon is supposed to premiere tomorrow at midnight. And one of my roommates is all excited to go see it. But I do wonder at what's the appeal of Twilight to us, who are in college, who are nearly 5 years older than these characters? That brings up a broader question of why do us, as 20-something adults, are attracted to watching shows like Glee or Gossip Girl, which all involve high school students that are sexually mature, and act more than mature than their age they may as well be in college. Why are some of us watching shows about people who younger than us? Why are we not involved in watching shows about those that are more in our age range?

The only answer I can come up is the following

I guess you could say that even at our "advanced age" we wish for something. We watch those highschoolers on TV and think, "I wish I was like that in high school." The high school on TV is the dream world we wish we could have had. It's like Disney, it's a wondrous place where everything you can think of comes true. And maybe, I am being harsh on my sex, but this seems primarily pertinent to females. We still enjoy Disney and all it's fantasy. So, why shouldn't we dream about "could beens" by watching television shows and movies that have people that we wish we could have been.

Also I wonder at the choice of a high school setting as compared to a college setting for most of these shows. Is it because you have just as much independence and freedom yet you don't have all the necessary responsibilities as compared to college? Or are we just advertising the sexual appeal to younger and younger age groups that by the time another decade goes around, the appeal of being a college student will have worn off and you would be considered middle aged? And of course that brings up the topic of how the entertainment industry is sexualizing our society at a younger and younger age in order to bring up numbers.


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